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Project Description: Injection mould design & specification.

Roles & Responsibilities: Multiple 3D Part Design, Design for Manufacture, Prototyping, Formative Assessment, 3D Injection Mould Design, 2D Specification, Product Data Management, Transfer to Production, Technical Visualisation, First Article Inspection, Metrology

This particular injection mould design is comprised of multiple interchangeable inserts with a central common moulding area. The benefit of such a design allows for variations of similar but different parts. In this case, 3 variations of capnography ports.

Having extensive knowledge of the injection mould creation and process is very beneficial, especially during ideation and conceptual phases of work. It helps in clearing the path to achievable and believable solutions in a more time-efficient and budget specific way.

During my time as a Product & Industrial Designer, I have designed and specified 30+ injection moulds. From single cavity prototype moulds, basic open and shut designs, to more complex side-action core and cavity designs, all the way to large multi-cavity fully hot-runner systems. The principals are constant but, each mould design is a new puzzle to be solved.