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Project Description: Bespoke POS system to enhance the post-sale customer experience.

Roles & Responsibilities: Concept Design, Concept Development, CNC-machinable Prototype Design, Product Visualisation, 2D Specifications, Manufacturing & Prototyping Liaison

There were 3 main deliverables for the Airslip project:

      • Develop a bespoke POS system enclosure design, consisting of a x2 screen POS vendor/customer unit & card reader.
      • Liaise with international suppliers for quotations on prototyping costs & production cost estimates of POS system.
      • Generate a Presentation/Marketing visuals package of the system & features.

Each of these 3 deliverables were instrumental in the company business plan and presentation pitch for additional funding. It was a thoroughly refreshing project to work on, with a focus on aesthetically pleasing and machinable protoypes that were achievable within the constraints of a start-up budget.