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Project Description: AMSORB® Plus CO Absorbent Prefilled Care-Can.

Roles & Responsibilities: Multiple Part Design for FMD, Ergonomics & HFE, Injection Mould Design, Injection Moulding Plastics Flow Analysis, 2D Specifications, Product Data Management, Transfer to Production, Ultrasonic Welding Design, Product Visualisation

In a partnership with GE Healthcare x Armstrong Medical, I was the lead designer responsible for the creation of the Care-Can absorbent canister, for dedicated use with all GE Carestation 600 & 750 series anaesthesia delivery systems.

The Care-Can comprises 4 plastic injection moulded parts, foam filtration, and absorbent. The canister also utilises ultrasonic welding technology to create a complete hermetic seal.

While a sterilisable, reusable, and refillable canister already existed, the aim was to create a single-use, prefilled canister containing AMSORB® Plus. The challenge in the realisation of the design was maintaining the same volume of absorbent but in a smaller space using the same footprint. All the while ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable handle for ease-of-use and installation.

AMSORB® Plus is the CO₂ absorbent preferred choice by GE, registered for sale in 192 countries worldwide.